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Importance Of Stretching Before And During Training


Importance Of Stretching Before And During Training Or When Working Out

The importance of stretching before and during training cannot be overstated. Although certainly a controversial subject in some sport circles, the role it plays as part of an exercise regime can never be underestimated.

Closer Look At The Importance Of Stretching Before And During Training

When you stretch in the correct and trainer prescribed manner, the muscle flexibility will increase. Many trainers also feel that the risk of lesions and thus injuries is reduced by proper stretching before and during training and almost everyone agrees that post-training stretching is beneficial. Injuries because of incorrect stretching are a reality and the most important aspect to remember is to never over-stretch.

If you have injuries, be sure to steer clear from stretching for a while, or if doing so, make sure you stretch with the aid of an experienced bodybuilding trainer or a physical therapist. Bodybuilders who need to develop muscle before a competition can get professional assistance from us as the importance of correct stretching before, during and after training cannot be ignored.

Some beginners ignore this as an essential part of their training, but once they understand why they need to stretch as part of a bodybuilding program, and learn how to do so properly, they soon reap the benefits. With stretching, muscles gain a larger motion range. In essence then, more muscle fibres are involved ensuring better movement. Various parts of the body are prepared for an increase in workload such as the ligaments and tendons.

By acknowledging and following a correct form of stretching before training, intermediate and advanced bodybuilders have been able to reduce the risk of overextension which is one of the main causes of injury during bodybuilder workouts.

Stretching must be done in-between sets as the muscle groups become oxygen and protein engorged. As such, stretching ensures that the blood can flow freely into the muscles and keep them limber. Such muscles would then be well prepared for the next heavier set.

The importance of stretching before training has been overlooked since some feel that the stretching doesn’t eliminate the possibility of injuries. Once again, the importance of correct stretching before and during training should be your focus as pre-training stretching also plays an integral part in bodybuilding. This is especially true when a person has not been in full training for a day or two. The muscles need stimulation and as such 5 to 10 minutes of training ball, bat and pound plate stretches can be done.

Remember to warm up before attempting any stretches and never over stretch. If the stretch is painful, stop. You need to limit the risk of injury rather than increase it. Light stretching at the end of a work-out helps the body to cool down and break up any lactic acid. This in turn will help your body to be ready for the next workout session.
Also, when it comes to stretching after training, one should give it the same significance than stretching before and during training sessions. Every muscle used must be included in the light stretch after the training to gain any benefit from the action.

In conclusion then one can see the importance of stretching before and during bodybuilding training in the following benefits:

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