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Workout Videos Should Form Part Of Training

Aspiring and even experienced bodybuilders need to watch bodybuilding and fitness workout videos from more experienced athletes. The reason is simple enough. Workout videos are visual representations of the step by step guides regarding training workouts. Such videos provide a visual look at exactly how slow or fast to execute a specific training step and how to do it right.

By watching workout videos, the bodybuilder starts forming a brain pattern. The workout is seen several times and as such it is as good or perhaps close to as good as having a personal trainer. The muscle groups can be studied and the correct way of doing a rep. Besides, workout videos create an appetite for training and are thus motivational.

If you can, create workout videos of your own training sessions so every once in a while. When you review and compare your workout sessions with the instructions of your trainer or perhaps a website or workout videos of top bodybuilders, you will be able to identify any mistakes that you have made. Rather identify the problem early and correct it than having to find out months later that you have made serious mistakes during workouts. Once you are at competition level the mistakes can become costly.

Next rectify your mistakes and make more workout videos. Once you have progressed a few months into training, you will be able to compare your latest workout videos with ones made earlier. With that it will be possible to see how the training has improved and how the results were obtained. The bodybuilder workout videos that you make will thus at the end of the day also become your quality control and motivational tools.

A final word on work-out videos: keep them all. Even the ones where you made mistakes since you may very well become a regional or world champion and can use the same videos to train and instruct others.


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