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Bodybuilder Pics


Why Take & Study Bodybuilder Pics?

Bodybuilder pics are excellent sources of information. Apart from being rather inspiring, bodybuilder pics can be used to study the various muscle groups, definition, posture and toning of the athletes. By knowing what the end-product should look like, you have a control tool. You can determine whether you are on the right track by comparing your bodybuilding pics with that of champions.

As such bodybuilder pictures should be studied carefully to determine where you still need work. Remember that muscle groups work together and to get the desired results in the smaller muscle groups, the larger muscles must first be exercised.

When looking at bodybuilder pictures one must also compare apples with apples. If you are the beginning stages of your training, you will hardly notice any similarities in your pics with that of the champions. The champion photos should be used as guidelines while the ones you take about your progress should be used for exactly that – determining progress over a specific period.

Taking bodybuilding pictures of your progress will be important for your profile. The pictures must be clear and concise. There should be nothing in the photos that will distract the viewer or can be seen as advertising for a specific brand. The pics will be used for competition entrance and for that reason it will also be necessary to have professional profile pictures taken at least once every six months. If at all possible do so every three months once you are at competition level.

Remember that the results will differ when taking bodybuilder pics during the resting period when compared to the ones when in full training for competition. You will want pictures that can be used for competitions and as such need to ensure that your appearance and performance levels are their best.


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Throughout my bodybuilding career I would say a big challenge for me was to prove that conditioning rules and not size.

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