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Competition Rules For IFBB Female Bodybuilders

The rules, regulations, and requirements for IFBB Female Bodybuilders are just as strict as for the male contestants. Some of the rules regarding performance and the judgment thereof at competitions for the IFBB Female Bodybuilders at Provincial and National levels are briefly discussed below.

Weight Divisions for the IFBB Female Bodybuilders

The two main weight divisions in the senior categories are that of over 55 and less than 55 kg, as well as one line up in the Junior and one in the Masters category. The federation requires that the IFBB Female Bodybuilders wear solid bikinis with non distracting colours. The bikinis must meet the requirements of decency. It is essential that the abdominal muscles as well as the upper and lower back muscles show. No shoes may be worn for this category of competition.


The competitions normally start off with the free routine of 90 seconds consisting of five compulsory poses such as the displaying of the thigh front and double biceps, calf and side chest, calf rear and double biceps, calf and side triceps and finally the thigh and abdominals.

The first round of quarter turns and compulsory poses follow with an entire line up on the stage in numerical order which should be in a straight line in front of the judges. The athletes are expected to do quarter turns with no tensing of the muscles allowed, followed by their compulsory poses. Comparisons are called and the athletes are then given a one minute pose down before they leave the stage. There are specific quarter routines which should be performed and upon which the athlete will be judged.

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