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Overview IFBB SA

IFBB SA is a well established bodybuilding federation that encourages ethical conduct and good sportsmanship in the bodybuilding industry. With a long history of top quality shows and events, IFBB SA is also overseeing the development of athletes in the bodybuilding and fitness industry within the borders of their constitution.

IFBB SA has a strong provincial structure and specific rules to abide by; making it one of the best bodybuilding federations to compete within and to develop the athlete’s full potential. It is a non-profit organization ensuring that everyone involved does so because of a commitment to the sport and overall development of top class athletes in South Africa.

The organisation awards the Pro Card Status and then the overall IFBB Pro status to deserving athletes who have met and exceeded requirements. To qualify for the prestigious award, the athlete must be invited or must have applied to the President of the IFBB and must then have met all the requirements. Setting high standards for competitions, training, and conduct not only for the athletes, but also all the officials participating and managing shows, is part of the organization’s goals.

Athletes wishing to apply for consideration regarding the Pro Card status must do so in writing to the IFBB President and include the following:

The application may only be done if the athlete has met all the requirements as set out by IFBB SA. If you aspire to become an IFBB Pro, contact Hennie Kotze today to help you train, compete and meet all the requirements before submitting your application.


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Training Schedule

Throughout my bodybuilding career I would say a big challenge for me was to prove that conditioning rules and not size.

I train 5 to 6 days per week. I prefer to train 1 muscle group per day and I totally exhaust that group with 4 - 5 exercises.

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