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Requirements For IFBB Pro Bodybuilders

Hennie Kotze has recently joined the ranks of IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, which is the highest accolade that one can achieve in the IFBB federation. To have reached the status, he like the other IFBB Pro Bodybuilders had to pass all the requirements and had to be selected at the end of the day.

Athletes also dreaming of becoming one of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilders should take note of the requirements as briefly discussed below. The Pro Card for a South African athlete must be awarded by the president of the IFBB. In preparation for the prestigious status the athlete must meet the set criteria before applying to in writing for any consideration.

The athlete may not be affiliated to or compete in any other shows or pose as a guest at one of the shows during the two years before the initial application. This is to show loyalty to the IFBB. For the whole two years before the initial application, the athlete must have at least participated in one show within their Province in both the years, must have competed at the IFBB Provincial Champs and the National Champs in both years, and must have been placed first in their division at least once at the IFBB SA National Championships during the two years. In addition, the athlete would benefit from being awarded overall champion status at least once during the period at the National Championships during the two years although it is not a requirement. It is also important to note that the athlete must have presented IFBB SA at any of the IFBB World Championships and must have been placed at least once within the top ten competitors during the two year period.

Hennie has already joined the ranks of IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, and as such has experience regarding the requirements, the various competitions and training required. Contact Hennie today to help you start your training for the prestigious status.


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Hennie Kotze would like to thank all his sponsors for their support over the years.

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