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More and more people are realising that they need to take good care of their health to ensure a longer, healthier life. This is especially important where many people have a hectic lifestyle with deadlines, traffic and a busy family and social life. One of the easiest and most fun ways to improve your health is through exercise. Here are some gym tips to help you along, especially if you are focused on bodybuilding.


Make sure you know what your purpose is

Bodybuilding should not follow a cookie cutter approach – what works for one person might not necessarily work as well for another person. Therefore, know what exercises you are going to do, how many you will do and what you want to achieve with each session.


Make sure you get adequate nutrition before you train

This is especially important if you are doing bodybuilding. Have a small amount of complex carbohydrates and protein about two hours before your training sessions. This will ensure that you get adequate energy while you train.


Keep a log book

When you keep a log book of your progress and what you have managed before, you will know what you need to beat to get better.


Don’t over train your body

To build muscle, you have to give your body the chance to rest.


Don’t follow the advice of anyone and everyone

As with a pregnant lady, everyone from her mom to the cashier in the shop will have advice – you have to make the decision to follow the advice of someone you know and trust. If you want to get advice from someone in the know, feel free to contact Hennie Kotze.

Hennie has been in the South African bodybuilding industry for more than a decade and he can help you with gym tips that will have a real impact. Get started on your dream body, contact Hennie today.


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